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Brush Filament Material


Brush Filament Material

1. PBT wire have better elasticity than Nylon wire, but less abrasive than Nylon 610. PBT wire has a softer performance and is best suited for cleaning of refined parts, such as  car surface cleaning.

2. Nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) wire abrasion resistance is good, has the characteristics such as resistance to high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, good elasticity, suitable for family dusting and cleaning brush components, such as vacuum cleaner brush, brush roller, brush platform, etc.

3. Nylon 612 and nylon 1010 have best elasticity compare to other filament, meanwhile the cost is highest, less abrasive than nylon 610, have more outstanding performance on appearance, good performance on shock resistance and anti-aging .It is most suitable for dustproof of industrial equipment and door& windows. Meanwhile it requires flame retardant antistatic functions.

4. Polypropylene (PP) has the acid and alkali resistance and other properties , but the elastic is not very good , long time working are easily deformed and difficult to recover so it is suitable for rough parts in industrial dust removal and cleaning such as dust removal of dock and mine and the sweep of the sanitation car

5. PE wire is the softer wires compare to other filament. It is applied to the car cleaning brush, with the carding technology it is easy  to the protection of car paint.

6. Bristles are often used in the polishing of bath brush or precious objects, such as gold vessel ,Jewel and piano surface treatments, it is also suitable for polishing and grinding for cemented carbide.

7. The horse hair is softer than bristles and it is easy to remove ash, which is used in the cleaning of high-end home cleaning products or for the industrial dust removal.

8. Metal wire such as copper wire and steel wire is commonly used on metal surface deburring as its good abrasive resistance.

9. Abrasive nylon (Silicon carbide abrasive wire, Aluminum oxide abrasive wire, Diamond abrasive wire) have very good performance on abrasive resistance and acid and alkali resistance , Which is commonly used on PCB surface cleaning ,galvanized sheet pickling line , metal processing and metal deburring etc.

10. Tampico filament has the characteristics such as good toughness , resistance of high temperature and oil absorption , It is used for wok brush or high temperature and oil absorption place.