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Independence quality control ensure our reputation

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China's Leading Factory for Brush Making Machines


Guangzhou Yuanhui Brush-Making Co.,Ltd established from 1989, located in Bai Yun district of Guangzhou, specializing in the production of computer numerical control and industrial brush making machine a complete set of production equipment, supply all kinds of metal forming industrial brush making machine, Metal back strip brush making machine, AUTO filament cutting machine, Cylinder brush making machine and brush making assistant machine, is the collection technology development, production and processing, marketing as one of the science and technology.


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Focus on making brush machine since 1989

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    Full Training Source & After-Sales Service


    Training is always big problem for client , We choose modern way to solve issue which our customer have such as online call, video teaching etc.


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    Senior R&D Team


    With 30 years experience,Our R&D team become stronger and know what’s most important for customer,We are upgrading everyday.


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    Factory Outlet with Strict Quality Control


    Focus on quality is our aim, independence quality control ensure our reputation.Customer care machine details ensure our exquisite craftsmanship been accept.


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    Strength Factory and Scale Management


    Modern factory management allow factory focus on craftsmanship and quality. We trust strength factory brings benefit to both factory and customers.


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    One-Stop Service


    From choose machine till after-sales service,We provide comprehensive 

    guide for every details. Both new and experienced invest feel comfortable customer experience


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    Cost–Effective Option


    Money are valuable for every cent,We ensure quality to make sure machine working steady without issue,Time is money is suitable no matter which industry.


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